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CCTV Security Surveillance Camera Systems for Business


We know how important security is!  So we ensure that our systems will bring your home and office security to a higher level. Lucent Computer are experts at installing and maintaining hi-tech CCTV security systems for Commercial and Residential . We’ve been delivering highly effective CCTV camera installations for more than 10 years and our past clients include jewelry stores, retail stores, apartments complexes, warehouses and shopping centers…

We only carry Professional Grade security and that equals quality. This is not the same type of surveillance camera equipment that you might have seen at your local discount store.

Starting from $799.99 ONLY! Allows you to keep a close watch on any part of your property that might be particularly  vulnerable. We also offer live viewing as well as control and monitor view directly through a computer with Internet access.

Security Tip: A well kept lawn will help deter burglars. Letting the grass get overgrown could lead to potential burglars thinking you’ve gone away on holiday, and could make your house and your belongings their next target.


Why Lucent Computer?

  • Professional Installation
  • Great deals and prices
  • Expert CCTV Advice’s
  • Mobile Viewing as standard
  • Site surveys were possible

Video Surveillance For  Businesses

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Apartments complex

Security Advice: A surveillance camera can give you piece of mind, but it’s only part of the arsenal. Make sure you have the basics covered such as tough locks on your doors and good passwords on your devices.

IP CCTV Camera

An IP camera is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link. Benefits of IP camera over analog technology include remote administration from any location, digital zoom, the ability to easily send images and video anywhere with an internet connection, progressive scanning, which enables better quality images extracted from the video, especially for moving targets, adjustable frame rates and resolution to meet specific needs, two-way communication, and lower cabling requirements.

Indoor CCTV Camera

Will the camera be used indoors or outdoors? Typically all outdoor cameras can also be used indoors, but not all indoor cameras can be used outdoors. Indoor pan and tilt IP CCTV cameras allow you to view exactly what you need to see, in high-definition color by day and with night vision are capable of seeing in the dark at monochrome mode (black & white). Indoor cameras do not have protection from bad weather and so if left outside the CCD board will burn and break down the system.

Outdoor CCTV Camera

“weatherproof” cameras are the ones that can withstand freezing temperatures, rain, and heat. The typical operating temperature of a weatherproof camera is 0° F to 120° F. exterior cameras provide high quality images for your CCTV installation. Get high definition, full colour resolution by day as well as night vision for use in low light and add optional pan/tilt zoom capability for greater flexibility. They can be configured as a wireless CCTV installation for wireless connection to your existing internet router.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

The wireless CCTV security systems will enable cable-free communication between the CCTV cameras and an internet router. It’s an increasingly popular option as it offers many benefits such as:

significantly reducing the installation time and disturbance. It also removes the need for running cables that are often hard or impossible to install in some locations especially in historic buildings due to space or conservation constraints.

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CCTV Security Camera March 30, 2015